Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins

What’s the story? That’s a Dublin expression, and so is this restaurant. Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins is an expression of all that’s brilliant in our contemporary, thriving, eclectic capital city: innovation and imagination meets hospitality and comfort.


Look at this place. The kitchen is wide open and the room is light, airy and calm. It’s that way because we want you to become a part of this story. To be immersed in it. But ok, you’re here for the food so what’s the story there?


Before you is a menu that continually changes, evolves, grows. That’s because we specialise in ingredient-led cooking featuring local produce, prepared seasonally with skill and craft.


As those ingredients change or we find new producers
or flavours, we adapt.


Are you ready?


This is the best beef in Ireland. Seriously. We know this because we searched high and low, from coast to coast, and eventually found what we were looking for: John Stone Beef in County Longford is head and shoulders above all others. We’re talking about a very experienced, passionate artisan beef producer from whom we get the most succulent, tasty, melt-in-your mouth steaks. One or two other top chefs have noticed how good it is too and John Stone’s Beef makes its way tables in only the very finest top restaurants and hotels in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. But when we get our cuts, we dry age them here in the restaurant in glass cabinets so you can select your own steak and have it cooked your way. So, how do you like your steak?.


Wexford is famous for many things but top of the list is gorgeous strawberries followed closely by our national sport, hurling. This county is at the heart of what we call the
‘Sunny Southeast’ and that’s why, probably, they can grow such amazing strawberries and raspberries down there.

The rest of the country is in awe: Drive along almost any road in Ireland from May to September and you’ll probably see someone selling strawberries from the family farm in Wexford.

These are succulent, juicy fruits, packed with flavour and goodness. Don’t believe us? Prepare to be converted to a Wexford fan.