Our beloved suppliers


This rainbow trout comes from Goatsbridge in Co. Kilkenny where the monks of Jerpoint Abbey first fished The Little Arrigle River 800 years ago. Things have changed quite a bit since then and today our chefs know they can rely on husband and wife team Mag and Ger Kirwan to bring us this incredible Irish trout fresh every day. The Kirwan’s knowledge and skill in producing rainbow trout has been passed down through three generations. Each catch comes straight from the crystal-clear waters of The Little Arrigle River, giving the trout a unique taste and texture. Everyone loves rainbow trout, dressed or not, in a pastrami, baked, pan fried or grilled whole, so you might call this your catch of the day, every day.


These are Flaggy Shore Oysters and they’re divine. That’s an odd name, where’s it from? The Flaggy Shore is a stretch of flat limestone rock which winds its way along the Atlantic in County Clare. The limestone was famously used as flagstones for house floors, hence Flaggy Shore. These oysters come from three small bays where the surrounding limestone pavement channels the plentiful rainfall through the rocks down in the bay. These freshwater channels bring all of the nutrients of The Burren with them into the small, dainty oysters. This is what gives them their unique flavour. Why the surfer you ask? Sure isn’t the West of Ireland one of the world’s surfing meccas? That’s thanks to the wild Atlantic Ocean that comes crashing down on us. And it’s something to do when they’re not shucking those incredible oysters.


Kerry and Wicklow are two counties that may be on the opposite sides of Ireland but they have an awful lot in common: Spellbinding landscapes, breathtaking beaches, ginormous mountains, picturesque villages, wonderful people, funny accents and what we think might be the best lamb you’ll find anywhere on earth. That’s because so many sheep farmers let their animals roam more or less wild on the mountainsides. There, they feed on grass and a lot of natural wild growing heather. This gives the meat a unique, innate, herby flavour. And, because the sheep roam free, they’re healthier and fitter and just better all round. The lamb you will enjoy here at Forbes Street comes from a handful of small sheep farmers from up the mountain.


As the song about Molly Malone in Dublin goes “as she wheels her wheelbarrow through the streets broad and narrow crying cockles and mussels alive-alive-oh”. A great Dublin dish interpreted by Gareth using fresh seafood from our thriving coastline. To this he’s added some magic with unexpected tastes, flavours and textures that seem to work perfectly together. It’s all accompanied by warm Guinness and treacle bread or whatever other freshly-baked triumph he has prepared this morning. Ok, it’s not ALL seafood but it succeeds in bringing out the best in every ingredient in what is now a unique dish and a firm favourite in this neighbourhood. Go on, be a Dub for a day (but you don’t have to sing).


‘Rhubarb rhubarb’ means to chat aimlessly, so let’s talk about our rhubarb. It always surprises us just how popular rhubarb is in Ireland. Gareth and his team love it and there’s always a bit of excitement when it comes back into season because it’s a sign that warmer weather and longer evenings are on the way. We get our rhubarb from the market gardens of North County Dublin where it grows happily and deliciously. It appears here in stews, crumbles, tarts and other goodies. Sometimes alone, sometimes with berries, sometimes with smoked vanilla, herbs or crispy potato but we’re not going to limit ourselves to a commitment right now: see what’s on the menu or ask. We’re happy to rhubarb about it.


Yes, but which fish, exactly? Well that all depends on what the fishermen out on the ocean waves catch today. It could be turbot, halibut, brill or Dover sole. Whatever it is, you can rest assured that it will be freshly caught and brought straight to Forbes Street, expertly prepared, beautifully cooked alongside fresh veggies, salads, spuds or whatever you like and placed before your critical eye and palate. We might recommend fresh green spring or winter veg, potato someway or something really curious, but that depends on which fish was landed. Anything else will be a different kettle of fish.


Now we Irish know a thing or two about chocolate – we eat a lot of it, and we produce a lot of it too. But look at this: For over 100 years Valrhona has been considered to make the finest chocolate in the world. They call it gastronomic chocolate, for heaven’s sake, so you know it’s going to be outstanding. These are the chocolates of choice for the finest restaurants, confectioners and patisserie schools worldwide. They even founded their own l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat – a school where professional chocolatiers can develop and perfect their craft. So, this is the very best and we have brought it to our kitchen to create yet another gourmet masterpiece just for you. You’re welcome.


Spuds. We Irish just love them. Boiled, roasted, baked, mashed, fried, alone, as an ingredient or a side, we can’t get enough of them. So when we went to find the best potatoes in the land we knew what to look for. We found them in Ballymakenny Farm in Drogheda, County Louth, where a family of farmers grow heritage and speciality potatoes for us. We’re talking about Dunbar from Scotland, Mayan varieties and Pink Fir Apple, Red Emmalie, Violetta and ancient Irish Dathúil. Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose which spuds to enjoy today – we’ll bring the perfect ones right to you.


Some people just love broccoli, some just don’t. Well, don’t make up your mind just yet until you taste what we’ve done to it in our kitchen. We start with excellent plants – our warm wet climate seems to suit broccoli right down to the ground as all the variants thrive here and you can really taste the broccoli taste coming through. As the summer progresses we can get our hands on different types of broccoli and other brassicas so keep an eye on the menus to see what’s in season. Then, prepare to be surprised at just how good it be.


Say “cheese” and you’re smiling. This cheese delights, and guess what? It’s all Irish too. We’ve had a bit of a cheese revolution in this country – the cheese wheel has turned so to speak – and now Irish cheese is some of the best available anywhere. Craft producers have popped up all over Ireland and we’ve taken notice. As has the rest of the world who now look to Ireland’s producers to see how it’s done. Order our cheeseboard and enjoy some incredible world-class Irish cheddars, soft cheeses, blue cheeses, goats’ cheese, smoked, aged and others.